Do you wonder if anyone sees your Facebook posts or livestream sessions?  Would you like to have better communication and engagement with your followers?  If so, then it’s time to get in on the Chatbot craze! Using a ChatBot is an easy way to create a dedicated list of followers, and you don’t even need a website or an email list provider! The Facebook Messenger App is one of the most downloaded apps in iTunes.  More and more, people are communicating by text, and the open rates for Facebook messages are much higher than with normal email.  A “bot” stands for “robot” and it’s an automated way to engage your Facebook audience and direct them to the content you want to share. In this training, you’ll learn the absolute “must know” basics for setting up your first ChatBot for livestreams and posts via screen share videos, so you can have your first ChatBot built within an hour of watching this training!
USEFUL LINKS FOR MANYCHAT CLICK HERE to sign up for ManyChat CLICK HERE for a video from ManyChat on how to add a Facebook Page to ManyChat. CLICK HERE for an extensive FREE Course on ManyChat (if it turns out that this is your thing!) BROADCASTING TOOLS CLICK HERE for the BeLive Broadcasting Tool. CLICK HERE for OBS (Open Broadcasting Studio) which is an alternative to BeLive. OTHER MESSENGER BOTS CLICK HERE for Mobile Monkey CLICK HERE for Botletter

Build Your First ChatBot – Video 01 – Basic Set Up

In this video, Dana gives you the basic set up for the ManyChat Chat Bot.

Build Your First ChatBot – Video 01.5 – The Welcome Message

In this video, Dana explains the difference between the Greeting Text, the Default Reply, and the Welcome Message and she gives a brief overview of the power of having a Bot speak to your clients on your behalf.

Build Your First ChatBot – Video 02 – Livestream Growth Tools

This video will use the example of livestreaming for getting your first subscribers, but even if you don’t livestream, watch this video because it will give you an understanding of how bots work.

Build Your First ChatBot – Video 03 – Diagram of All Moving Parts

This video shows the relationship between all of the moving parts in your ChatBot marketing plan.

Build Your First ChatBot – Video 04 – Using ChatBots with Facebook Posts

Discover how you can also develop a subscriber base without livestreaming by connecting your ChatBot to your normal Facebook posts.