Celebrity Energy Exercises – Opening

In this video, Dana gives you an overview of what is available here, when you want to use these exercises, and how to use them.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – Toning

In this video, Dana explains how, why, and when to “tone” and then does a 60-second toning exercise with you.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – Chakra Opening

Dana shares what chakras are and the colors, musical notes, and megahertz associated with each chakra.

This is the chart I found online with the musical notes.

After the recording, I also found this chart which looked interesting.  If you do a web search for “Chart Chakra Musical Notes”, you will be amazed at the number of charts that are available.  If you find (or make) a more comprehensive chart, please share it in the group.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – Reiki Grounding Exercise

This is one of the first exercises I learned from my Reiki Teacher.  It’s great for when you want to feel centered and grounded.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – Controlling Your Energy

This exercise helps you to feel more connected to your own energy and control how you want to enter a room.  (NOTE:  Lightning strikes the earth 100 times a SECOND!  I was way off in this video!  Haha.)

Celebrity Energy Exercises – The MOVES Exercise

Dana’s introduction of Julie Delene’s MOVES Technique.  It’s a “moving meditation” that incorporates all five of the Chinese Elements of fire, metal, wood, earth, and water.
The interview I did with Julie Delene where she explains the exercise is below.  Learn more about Julie Delene HERE.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – Tapping

Emotional Freedom Technique, commonly known as “tapping” is one of the easiest ways to “stuck” negative energy quickly.
A Tapping demonstration video is below.
The Tapping Points in order.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – The Ghost Technique

This is a technique I’ve only recently learned from Danielle MacKinnon and it’s a really helpful exercise for feeling fully “embodied.”  (Note:  I keep saying “in the audio below” in this video, but what I meant to say was “in the VIDEO below.”  Sorry about that!)
Learn more about Danielle Mackinnon HERE.

In the video below, I give my variation of this same technique.

Celebrity Energy Exercises – Celebrity Hypnotherapy

In this video, Dana shares a little bit about the Celebrity Hypnotherapy audio.  Hypnotherapy is a completely safe method for change and unlike the Hollywood movies portray, you will be 100% in control during the entire session.